Favorite Cover Friday #17

The New Frontier #4 Cover Artist – Darwyn Cooke  Darwyn Cooke is another great talent taken from us too soon.

R.I.P Stan

Thanks for everything Stan! You were a solid man.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern Issue #1 Writer – Grant Morrison Artist – Liam Sharp Publisher – DC Comics Once again I’m drawn to a comic character that I’ve never really liked.  I enjoyed the Denny O’Neal and Neal Adams Green Lantern/Green Arrow stuff but beyond that the Green Lantern has never really interested me, but Grant Morrison…

Favorite Cover Friday #16

Alpha Flight #1 Cover Artist – John Byrne Would have liked to see Byrne last longer on this series.

Favorite Cover Friday #15

  The Avengers #196 Cover Artist – George Perez and Joe Rubinstein A cool villain in a great run of the series.  

Favorite Cover Friday #14

Swamp Thing #34 Cover Artist – Stephen Bissette and John Totleben My favorite Alan Moore run in comics and maybe the best monster/horror comic of all time.    

Favorite Cover Friday #13

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #10 Cover Artist – Mike Zeck and Terry Austin My inner 14 year old self always geeks out when I see this cover.

Batman: Damned

Batman: Damned Issue #1 Writer – Brian Azzarello Artist – Lee Bermejo Publisher – DC Black Label Batman:Damned is the first series in the new Black Label line for DC comics.  The Black Label line is intended for mature readers and is non continuity, much like most of the stories in the Elseworlds imprint were,…

Favorite Cover Friday #12

Doom Patrol #33 Cover Artist – Simon Bisley Bisley’s covers captured how surreal Grant Morrison’s stories were during his run on Doom Patrol.