Favorite Cover Friday #6

Tales of the Teen Titans #44 Cover Artist – George Perez The Judas Contract is easily one of the best runs in superhero comics of all time.

Favorite Cover Friday #5

Machine Man #1 (1984 Mini Series) Cover Artists: Herb Trimpe/Barry Windsor Smith Machine Man is my favorite B list Marvel superhero.            

Finally Fantastic!!……For Me At Least.

I recently read the first 102 issue run and corresponding annuals of the Fantastic Four.  I was, up to this point, never really a fan.  I first started collecting comics, in 1981, and the Fantastic Four just did not appeal to me.  The team consisted of a guy who could stretch, one that was an…

Favorite Cover Friday #2

Cover Artist – Walt Simonson Best line-ups for both teams,  Dark Phoenix, Darkseid and Deathstroke.  The best and most bad ass crossover ever!