The Sandman Universe

The Sandman Universe

Issue #1

Creator: Neil Gaiman

Writers: Simon Spurrier, Kat Howard, Nalo Hopkins & Dan Watters.

Artists: Bilquis Evely, Tom Fowler, Dominike Stanton, Max and Sebastian Fiumara.

Publisher: Vertigo Comics

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is  my favorite comic series of all time.  A masterpiece.  Every time Gaiman comes back to revisit the character I get excited.  When I read that Gaiman was coming back to his creation as a consultant, I was a little skeptical.

Photo Credit – Vertigo Comics

This issue aims to be a showcase for the new upcoming titles in the Sandman universe and provides just enough introduction to whet the appetite and leaves the reader with an overwhelming sense of confusion, intrigue and curiosity.  So we don’t have anything near an ending here. We get a lot of characters and situations being introduced.

Daniel (the post-Sandman-reborn-king-of-dreams) has gone somewhere in the waking world, and doesn’t wish to be found. A rift of some kind is breaking the Dreaming. Lucien sends Mathew the Raven to try and find Daniel. Along the way Mathew stumbles into the stories of these other characters, (the titles forthcoming). during his search.

We get introduced to Dora.

Photo Credit – Vertigo Comics

Timothy Hunter is still struggling to be the worlds greatest magician.

Photo Credit – Vertigo Comics

A book from Lucien’s library of all the unwritten books ever dreamed of is discovered and a new House appears—the House of Whispers—joining the Houses of Secrets and Mystery in the Dreaming. Its proprietor is a fortune teller called Erzulie,

Photo Credit – Vertigo Comics
Photo Credit -Vertigo Comics

Lucifer has fallen again, only this time he might be in a Hell of his own or someone else’s  design.

Photo Credit -Vertigo Comics

The situation is looking grim for Lucien and the Dreaming.

Photo Credit – Vertigo Comics

The four stories were well done and gives a good introduction to the forth coming comics.  I’m looking forward to the The Dreaming and The Books of Magic out of the four books that will be released in the next few weeks.  The other two books being The House of Whispers and Lucifer.  If you are a new reader and not familiar with the Sandman universe I would suggest reading the original Sandman series, you will not be disappointed if you do.

The first section is wonderful and is exactly more of the stuff I want, Daniel and Dora and the characters in The Dreaming will be a wonderful thing to explore again (fingers crossed for Death and the rest of the Endless making an appearance). The Tim Hunter story is fantastic (he came before Harry Potter!!!),  I loved the original Books of Magic series and I just want to see him develop and become what he is suppose to be for the DC magical world.  The House of Whispers looks really interesting, I always enjoyed how Gaiman mixed in different cultures and mythology and their link to the Dreaming and I hope that this is what we get with this book. Lastly, there is Lucifer which I honestly don’t really care for but then again I also didn’t care for in the original run either so let’s see where this run goes.

The artwork is fantastic and for each character (who will subsequently headline their respective series) is unique and sets the visual tone for each one of those upcoming books.

Rating: 8 Dreams out of 10




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