“It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare.”…….or six.

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Have you seen my daughter?

Sorry Sheriff Brackett, but I prefer to have the holy heck scared out of me more than  once. I thoroughly enjoy a good horror comic, and the more weird, creepy and Lovecraftian it is, the better.  The following are some current horror comics that I have been reading over the last few months that I highly recommend.




Photo Credit – Image Comics

Ice Cream Man

Image Comics

Writer -W. Maxwell Prince

Artist – Martin Morazzo

Murder, drug addiction, musical fantasy, suicide, and ultimately who is the Ice Cream Man?  Each issue is like watching the Twilight Zone. There’s a flavor for every type of misery. Each issue just keeps getting better and better.


Photo Credit – Dark Horse Comics

Harrow County

Dark Horse Comics

Writer – Cullen Bunn

Artist – Tyler Crook & Owen Gieni

The horror is subtle and smart, the gore and blood serve a purpose, and the underlying subtext of racism in the south is finely done in the context of the story. Tyler Crook’s art is amazing and his water colored look works perfectly with the story.  Unfortunately, and with great sadness for me,  this series ended in June.


Photo Credit – Archie Comics

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Archie Comics

Writer – Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa

Artist – Robert Hack

I have never read an Archie comic until I started reading this title and I only started reading this title because a friend of mine highly recommended it.  I’ll probably never read a Archie comic but the horror line is pretty good and Sabrina is my favorite of the bunch.


Photo Credit – Image Comics

Gideon Falls

Image Comics

Writer – Jeff Lemire

Artist – Andrea Sorrentino

Two stories being told simultaneously and are connected.  The perfect blend of weird and creepy keep me coming back to this title.  The narrative unfolds in uncertain threads of quiet, disrupted by occasional moments of horror, carried by the desperation of the two men at the center of the events.


Photo Credit – Image Comics


Image Comics

Writer – Donny Cates

Artist – Lisandro Estherren

A family of vampires that own a barbecue joint in a Texas town, what could go wrong?


Photo Credit – Image Comics

Image Comics

Writer – Pornsak Pichetshote

Artist – Aaron Campbell

A great twist on the classic haunted house story.  A little heavy on race politics but a great story nonetheless.


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