Favorite Cover Friday #19

New Mutants #19 Cover Artist – Bill Sienkewicz The Bill Sienkewicz run as the artist on New Mutants #18-31 is superb.

Favorite Cover Friday #18

Weirdworld #5 Cover Artist – Mike Del Mundo I always enjoy when Marvel experiments, too bad it’s always short lived.

Favorite Cover Friday #17

The New Frontier #4 Cover Artist – Darwyn Cooke  Darwyn Cooke is another great talent taken from us too soon.

R.I.P Stan

Thanks for everything Stan! You were a solid man.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern Issue #1 Writer – Grant Morrison Artist – Liam Sharp Publisher – DC Comics Once again I’m drawn to a comic character that I’ve never really liked.  I enjoyed the Denny O’Neal and Neal Adams Green Lantern/Green Arrow stuff but beyond that the Green Lantern has never really interested me, but Grant Morrison…

Favorite Cover Friday #16

Alpha Flight #1 Cover Artist – John Byrne Would have liked to see Byrne last longer on this series.

Favorite Cover Friday #15

  The Avengers #196 Cover Artist – George Perez and Joe Rubinstein A cool villain in a great run of the series.