Green Lantern

Green Lantern

Issue #1

Writer – Grant Morrison

Artist – Liam Sharp

Publisher – DC Comics

Once again I’m drawn to a comic character that I’ve never really liked.  I enjoyed the Denny O’Neal and Neal Adams Green Lantern/Green Arrow stuff but beyond that the Green Lantern has never really interested me, but Grant Morrison does.  Morrison’s Doom Patrol, The Invisibles, X-Men, Flex Mentallo, Batman, JLA, and All-Star Superman are all great and he always has a unique twist on the superhero genre. When I heard Morrison was going to do Green Lantern I had to check it out.

Photo Credit – DC Comics

The issue starts out when a Lantern is murdered and his murderers flee for Earth, where Hal Jordan has been on administrative leave form the Lantern Corps until further notice.

Photo Credit – DC Comics

Jordan encounters one of the criminal aliens and defeats it with his bare hands, because his ring isn’t charged. Hal finds a crashed ship with a wounded Green Lantern inside.  He uses the Lantern’s power battery to recharge his ring and chases down the rest of the criminals in a nearby town and brings them to justice.

Photo Credit – DC Comics
Photo Credit – DC Comics

Once he has them in custody, he’s called back to New OA, where the Guardians tell him there is a possible traitor in their midst.  The first issue concludes with the construction of the Anti-Matter Lantern.

Photo Credit – DC Comics

I’m a little lost in the Green Lantern lore and the history of Hal Jordan up to this point, and I’m o.k. with that.  I’m really looking forward to where Morrison is going to take this story.

Liam Sharp’s art is fantastic and it has a 2000 A.D.  British sci-fi vibe to it that I have always enjoyed.  This guy knows how to do epic cosmic action.

Photo Credit – DC Comics

My Rating: 7 Power Rings out of 10

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