My Top 10 Comics of 2018

Read a lot of comics in 2018 and here are my top 10 ongoing titles and mini-series of the year.

#10 Green Lantern

Image Credit – DC Comics

Two issues in and I’m a new fan of the Green Lantern.  Sharp’s great Euro inspired art and Morrison’s writing have me waiting in anticipation for each new issue.

#9 Eternity Girl

Image Credit – DC’s Young Animal

A solid story about one’s identity.

#8 The Wild Storm

Image Credit – Image Comics

Never was a fan of the original source material, but this re-launch is pretty bad ass.  Great sci-fi/superhero story.

#7 Ice Cream Man

Image Credit – Image Comics

Every issue just gets better.

# 6 X-Men Grand Design

Image Credit – Marvel Comics

Ed Piskor’s fantastic take on the history of the X-Men.

#5 Gideon Falls

Image Credit – Image Comics

Best horror comic on the stands.

#4 Doomsday Clock

Image Credit – DC Comics

As good as the source material…….no.  A worthy sequel……eh.  A pretty good superhero story……heck yeah.

#3 The Dreaming

Image Credit – DC Vertigo Comics

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is my favorite comic series of all time.  Skeptical about this at first, have been pleasantly surprised since.  Looking forward to seeing where this goes. 

#2 Mister Miracle

Image Credit – DC Comics

I’m  a Fourth World junkie and this was a great fix. 

#1 The Immortal Hulk

Image Credit – Marvel Comics

The best comic on the stands!  Marvel’s best title for sure.  The first ten issues have been phenomenal.

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