Favorite Cover Friday Vol. 2 #3

Action Comics #857 Cover Artist: Eric Powell Bizzaro is my favorite Superman nemesis and Eric Powell is a fantastic artist to draw him. Action Comics #855-857 “Escape from Bizzaro World” is a fun Superman story that is co-written by Richard Donner.

Favorite Cover Friday Vol. 2 #2

Hellblazer #11 Cover Artist: Dave McKean Dave McKean is such a great cover artist. McKean’s covers for numerous DC/Vertigo titles defined the DC/Vertigo brand during that point in time. The first run of Hellblazer is a very good comic, and I’m glad the title is back on DC’s new Black Label. This issue delves into…

Favorite Cover Friday Vol. 2 #1

New Mutants Special #1 Cover Artists: Arthur Adams & Terry Austin Anytime Arthur Adams is doing the cover art and interior art you are almost guaranteed something special. And this issue does not disappoint.