Favorite Cover Friday Vol. 2 #5

Fantastic Four #258 Cover Artist: John Byrne Byrne breaking the fourth wall with Dr. Doom tearing the cover with the ominous distorted image of his face reflecting in his gauntlet. Byrne’s run on the Fantastic Four is second only to the Lee/Kirby run in my opinion.. I’ve read Byrne’s run in the past but I…

Favorite Cover Friday Vol. 2 #3

Action Comics #857 Cover Artist: Eric Powell Bizzaro is my favorite Superman nemesis and Eric Powell is a fantastic artist to draw him. Action Comics #855-857 “Escape from Bizzaro World” is a fun Superman story that is co-written by Richard Donner.

Favorite Cover Friday Vol. 2 #2

Hellblazer #11 Cover Artist: Dave McKean Dave McKean is such a great cover artist. McKean’s covers for numerous DC/Vertigo titles defined the DC/Vertigo brand during that point in time. The first run of Hellblazer is a very good comic, and I’m glad the title is back on DC’s new Black Label. This issue delves into…

Favorite Cover Friday Vol. 2 #1

New Mutants Special #1 Cover Artists: Arthur Adams & Terry Austin Anytime Arthur Adams is doing the cover art and interior art you are almost guaranteed something special. And this issue does not disappoint.

Favorite Cover Friday #55

Nightcrawler #1 Cover Artist – Dave Cockrum My favorite X-Men character drawn by one of my favorite X-Men artist.

Favorite Cover Friday #54

Ronin #1 Cover Artist: Frank Miller A huge risk for DC in 1984. Printed on baxter paper, no ads, and a $2.50 cover price.

Favorite Cover Friday #53

Green Arrow: The Long Bow Hunters #1 Cover Artist: Mike Grell Post Crisis Green Arrow is good stuff. Check out both the mini series and the regular series run written by Grell.

Favorite Cover Friday #52

Marvel Comics Presents #84 Cover Artist: Barry Windsor Smith Wolverine is my favorite superhero and this run on part of his origin is fantastic.

Favorite Cover Friday #51

The New Teen Titans #5 Cover Artist – George Perez The Trigon story arc that kicks off this series is so good.