Favorite Cover Friday #36

Batman/Grendel #1 Cover Artist : Matt Wagner I believe this is the first crossover of a character from Marvel/DC and a character from an independent comic. Two of my favorites together. Good read, but you need to know a little about Grendel to not feel lost in the plot.

Favorite Cover Friday #35

The Spectre #1 Cover Artist: Tom Mandrake Ostrander and Mandrake’s 62 issue run is really good, the definitive representation of the character in my opinion. The cover was also bad ass because it glowed in the dark. Just one of many gimmicky covers that littered the 90’s comics landscape.

Favorite Cover Friday #34

Jonny Quest #5 Cover Artist – Dave Stevens I’m a huge Jonny Quest fan and this run by Comico comics is fantastic. I highly recommend adding this run to your collection.

Favorite Cover Friday #33

Madman Comics #1 Cover Artist – Mike Allred Have always enjoyed Mike Allred’s art style and Madman is such a fun comic to read.

Favorite Cover Friday #32

Teen Titans #14 Cover Artist: Nick Cardy Nick Cardy is one of the great comic book artists of the 60’s and 70’s. His work of the Teen Titans is phenomenal, also check out his run on Aquaman.

My 14 Favorite Marvel Graphic Novels

Published between 1981 and 1993 these over-sized 8.5×11 graphic novels printed on slick paper were either company-owned or author-owned titles. Most were stand alone stories where others had been spring boards for new characters and then received their own ongoing titles, and not necessarily as Marvel comics. The first Marvel Graphic Novel I bought was…

Favorite Cover Friday #31

Thor #337 Cover Artist: Walt Simonson I love covers that are interactive and Simonson’s run on Thor is fantastic!

Favorite Cover Friday #30

Doc Stearn…Mr. Monster #2 Cover Artist – Dave Stevens Dave Stevens, the creator of the Rocketeer, fantastic cover for Mr. Monster paying homage to the Our Gang movie serials of the 1920s-40s. Oh, and Michael T. Gilbert’s Mr. Monster is a pretty damned good comic also.

Marvel’s 25th Anniversary Covers: First to Worst

The Marvel 25th anniversary covers were such a great idea, some were well executed others not so much. First Classic X-Men #3 2. The Mighty Thor #373 3. G.I. Joe #53 4. Uncanny X-Men #211 5. The Amazing Spider-Man #282 6. Alpha Flight #40 7. Captain America #323 8. Transformers #22 9. X-Factor #10 10. West Coast Avengers #14 11. Conan the King #37 12. Marvel Tales #193 13. The Avengers #273 14. New Mutants #45 15. Marvel Age #44 16. Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #120 17.  Incredible Hulk #325 18. Daredevil #236 19. Conan The Barbarian #188 20. Iron Man #212 21. Fantastic Four #296 22. Cloak and Dagger #9 23. Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham #12 24. Web of Spider-Man #20 Worst

Favorite Cover Friday #29

Sgt. Rock #350 Cover Artist – Joe Kubert I could have chose numerous Joe Kubert covers. I like this one.