Favorite Cover Friday #52

Marvel Comics Presents #84 Cover Artist: Barry Windsor Smith Wolverine is my favorite superhero and this run on part of his origin is fantastic.

Favorite Cover Friday #49

Web of Spider-Man #8 Cover Artist – Charles Vess Charles Vess drawing Spider-Man in his black costume, my favorite spidey costume, on the covers of Web of Spider-Man are some of my all time favorites.

Favorite Cover Friday #44

X-Men #50 Cover Artist: Jim Steranko Jim Steranko’s time at Marvel was short lived but his contributions are all classic.

Favorite Cover Friday #42

The New Mutants #27 Cover Artist: Bill Sienkiewicz I remember not really liking Sienkiewicz taking over the art on this book. At the time Sienkiewicz was really experimenting with his style and I did not like it. The art on his run really is superb and are some of the best issues in the series.

My Favorite Marvel Limited Series of the 80’s

Marvel Superhero Contest of Champions June 1982 – August 1982 Wolverine September 1982 – December 1982 Magik December 1983 – March 1984 The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe January 1983 – May 1984 The Jack of Hearts January 1984 – April 1984 Kitty Pryde and Wolverine November 1984 – April 1985 Machine Man October…

Favorite Cover Friday #37

Moon Knight #38 Cover Artist: M.W. Kaluta Kaluta is such a great and often times underrated artist. His cover art in comics is absolutely fantastic. Moon Knight is also criminally underrated, have always been a fan and encourage you to check out the recent series.

Marvel’s 25th Anniversary Covers: First to Worst

The Marvel 25th anniversary covers were such a great idea, some were well executed others not so much. First Classic X-Men #3 2. The Mighty Thor #373 3. G.I. Joe #53 4. Uncanny X-Men #211 5. The Amazing Spider-Man #282 6. Alpha Flight #40 7. Captain America #323 8. Transformers #22 9. X-Factor #10 10. West Coast Avengers #14 11. Conan the King #37 12. Marvel Tales #193 13. The Avengers #273 14. New Mutants #45 15. Marvel Age #44 16. Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #120 17.  Incredible Hulk #325 18. Daredevil #236 19. Conan The Barbarian #188 20. Iron Man #212 21. Fantastic Four #296 22. Cloak and Dagger #9 23. Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham #12 24. Web of Spider-Man #20 Worst