Favorite Cover Friday #42

The New Mutants #27 Cover Artist: Bill Sienkiewicz I remember not really liking Sienkiewicz taking over the art on this book. At the time Sienkiewicz was really experimenting with his style and I did not like it. The art on his run really is superb and are some of the best issues in the series.

My 14 Favorite Marvel Graphic Novels

Published between 1981 and 1993 these over-sized 8.5×11 graphic novels printed on slick paper were either company-owned or author-owned titles. Most were stand alone stories where others had been spring boards for new characters and then received their own ongoing titles, and not necessarily as Marvel comics. The first Marvel Graphic Novel I bought was…

Favorite Cover Friday #19

New Mutants #19 Cover Artist – Bill Sienkewicz The Bill Sienkewicz run as the artist on New Mutants #18-31 is superb.